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Support your child over life's bumps

It’s hard talking to kids about tough topics like bullying and divorce. At Weaverbird Stories, you can easily create a personalised story with specially designed, fun activities to help your child understand, share and process their feelings.

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How It Works

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Tell your story
Get story telling with one of our highly customisable templates. Build your personalised story in under 5 minutes.
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Create your characters
Use Weaverbirds' character builder to make your story come alive by adding key, real life characters.
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Select the right tools
Choose from a range of activities, designed by our Child Psychologist, to support your conversation and foster open communication and understanding.
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Receiving your story
Get your story shipped as an activity picture book, AUD$35 or emailed, AUD$10, so you can start your conversation today.

Looking For More Support

Check out our resources, which have been designed to point you in the direction of the support you need. Use the top tips for parents, tools and activities to make your conversations easier and more successful. Use our reference guides and links to experts if you need additional support.

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