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Support your child over life’s bumps!

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“How the hell am I going to tell Mila, that she has a half sister in New Zealand?” That question, over dinner 2 years ago, was the start of Weaverbird Stories.

Lauren and I, the founders of Weaverbirds, decided writing a magical story for Mila, and in it introducing her sister Eden, a Princess, who lived with her mother in New Zealand. So when Eden came to visit, Mila understood the situation.

Life is bumpy

It turns out that most people have to share complex or difficult personal situations with the children in their lives at some time or another. Life is bumpy, we want to make sure that our children understand their own stories and that we are doing everything we can to help them navigate those bumps.

So what is this all about?

And that is exactly what Weaverbird Stories is about. Weaverbirds equips you with the tools to support difficult conversations with children to make them successful. Our platform helps you to create custom stories, featuring the characters and situations in your life. Your story is interspersed with hands-on fun activities, created by our child psychologist, to encourage your child to name, share and understand their feelings.

The website has plenty of support too with tips and reference material to point you in the right direction if you are looking for more help.

The conversation is just the start

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We are just getting started

Launched in late 2019 and aimed at supporting conversations with children aged between 3 and 9 years, Weaverbirds has stories supporting conversations on remembering a lost loved one, starting school, separation and divorce and bullying, with Making Good Choices coming soon.

Weaverbird Stories is an independent, self-funded startup. Lauren and I need and encourage your feedback, let us know what we can do to make Weaverbirds work for you and your family.

Get involved

Making a positive difference in the lives of others is at Weaverbirds core. You can help us reach more children by referring Weaverbirds online to a friend or family member and we will donate $3 to Kids Helpline for you. Or log onto the Weaverbird Stories Kids Helpline page and donate to Kids Helpline.

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