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Getting back to school

Worried about how your child will transition back to school?

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Make your child’s transition back to school successful!

It’s time for everyone to head back to school. While some kids and parents can’t wait, for others it is an anxious time. Will they be safe? How will they be able to safely navigate their way through the new process of social distancing? How will they play together in the playground?

Every parent wants to make sure that their child is prepared and equipped to safely head back into society. How do you know what to tell them if It is all new and a bit confusing for everyone?

The key is preparation.

Being prepared will build confidence

Being prepared and providing your child with information and problem-solving skills will support them as they transition back into society. Simple things like knowing the rules around how to play safely with your friends or whether you can stand close to them or hug them are key to building confidence and avoiding those situations where we feel awkward and undermined our confidence.

Your school and government websites can arm you with most of this information, but you may also want to arm your child with tools to help them be aware of others sense of comfort. Some kids have been going to school semi-regularly, while others have been at home, providing them with very different experiences over the past few months. Some may been in a highly anxious home environment, while others where families were more relaxed to home schooling, social distancing and the situation we find ourselves in.

Boost problem-solving skills

Being armed with tips and understanding how they can successfully navigated the situation, can help in building confidence and avoiding those awkward situations. Refer to Tippy’s activity ‘Going back to school’ activity to work through how situations can be navigated.

Identifying friends’ boundaries

It may be worth coaching your child to check in with their friends to see if they feel they are standing to close or comfortable with playing ball games.

Importantly, it is worth discussing what to do if something different happens… if, for example, your child’s friend gives them a hug or is standing closer than they are comfortable with?

Acknowledging and understanding your child emotional response

Whether your child is excited or anxious, acknowledging and showing an understanding of their emotional response will help them feel understood. Refer to our expert tips for some practical examples of how you can do this.

While preparation will help make your child’s transition back to school more successful, it will be an emotional journey.

Check out our Weaverbirds Tippy’s activities and our Starting School expert tips to help make your, and your child’s transition back to school a success.

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